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Caregiver Testimonials

Below are some of the comments that caregivers have shared while working through the program. We are overjoyed that we can bring caregivers a little break in their very busy lives!









"My mom is still loving her iPad! She can sit up till 10:00 playing on that “machine” as she calls it. She used to want to go to bed at 7:00. Now she knows how to switch between different games- word, slots, solitaire. It’s amazing!"

"My mom used to continually complain about her pain, but now when she’s playing a game on the iPad, she doesn’t mention it. "

"When I give my mom the iPad her face lights up and when I take it to charge it, she says “you’re interrupting my fun”. It is so funny. It is a relief to know she has some enjoyment during the day." 

"With the cameras installed, it was the first time I didn’t feel anxious and worried about leaving my mom while I went to Roswell Park for my own treatment as I was able to check-in on her."

"The latest Apple Watch has falls detection, ability to call and speak with family, and monitoring the oxygen levels is what the caregiver likes the most about the product. It’s waterproof so no worries on damage and the fact that it can have its own phone line makes it easy to use.  In comparison to the traditional Personal Emergency Response button, the clients find that they like the way it looks and it preserves dignity a bit.  This solution is giving me hope! "

"As a caregiver I really appreciate that the grant was able to provide a device that will help us.  Thank you for helping me acquire the device and work through learning how to use it." 

"My mother especially likes the robot vacuum/mop as it allows her to be more independent and reduces her stress in having “to ask for help.”