Our Mission

The mission of Healthy Community Alliance is to improve quality of life in rural communities through broad-based, inclusive partnerships that support wellness and prevention.


Healthy Community Alliance will be recognized throughout the region as a preeminent rural health network, committed to health promotion, disease prevention, and building quality of life. Our hallmarks will be the innovation, initiative, and teamwork of our communities and our ability to anticipate and effectively respond to change.

Core Values

Resilience – We are nimble, flexible, and innovative in adapting to rapidly changing circumstances.


Stewardship – We maximize resources entrusted to us by approaching all of our work with transparency, accountability, and a focus on quality outcomes.


Solution Oriented – We are empowered to creatively problem solve solutions to meet community needs.


Engaged – We actively listen, assess, and respond to community needs.


Equity – We are fair and impartial in our interactions and solution development, ensuring support regardless of individual situation or need.


Compassion and Empathy – We see, hear, and respect the lived experiences of the individuals and organizations who come to us for help and support.